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Who Could The Cavs Draft At No. 8 To Make LeBron Stay?

by The Big Lead
by The Big Lead

Yesterday, the Philadelphia 76ers were updated as the favorite to snag LeBron James over the Cleveland Cavaliers in free agency according to OddsShark.

We still don’t know what LeBron is thinking regarding which team he will play for next season. Sure, he made the NBA Finals as a No. 4 seed, but what if he only wins one game against Golden State or gets swept? Could that possibly change his mind as to who he will play for in 2019?

It could possibly come down to the draft for LeBron, and the Cavaliers may have to convince him that they can provide an influx of young talent that is worth LeBron staying at least for another year.

The Cavaliers pick at No. 8 overall, and to me, there are two players Cleveland could draft that would convince LeBron to stay if he was on the fence.

Michael Porter Jr.

by USA TODAY Sports
by USA TODAY Sports

Porter Jr. says he’s the best player in this draft and he could be right.

He was injured just two minutes into his collegiate career and missed almost four months, but was able to make it back for the SEC Tournament and NCAA Tournament. He averaged 14 points and nine rebounds in those last two games.

Porter Jr. has superstar potential, and if he played a full season at Mizzou, he would easily be going top three in this draft.

In high school, he was able to score from anywhere on the court, and that’s why he was arguably the best player in his recruiting class.

With his size and scoring ability, Porter Jr. could be a budding LeBron or Ben Simmons type of player and could possibly take the Cavs to another level in his first season in the league.

Trae Young

by Instagram: @traeyoung
by Instagram: @traeyoung

Young’s shot is Stephen Curry-esque and he was the best passer in college basketball last season.

It’s hard to imagine that he would be available at No. 8, but if that’s the case, the Cavs will select him regardless of their situation with LeBron.

Between his abilities as a knock-down shooter and savvy distributor, he’s the kind of role player that could have helped the Cavs a lot this season. He’s the guy who won’t miss the open three pointer when he gets the ball out of a LeBron double team. He also would be able to get LeBron the ball when he’s tightly covered.

Young could automatically be a decent offensive role player in the NBA but he also has the potential to be a lot more.

If LeBron thinks Young could be as an exciting and productive player as Curry, it could possibly convince him to finish his career as a Cavalier.