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Why Undertaker should retire from WWE at SummerSlam 2018 PPV

Undertaker dominated the WWE roster at his own will
Undertaker dominated the WWE roster at his own will

The Undertaker is a living legend. He is the best wrestler, that the world has ever seen. The 'phenom' could scare his opponents with the movement of his eyes. He has defeated almost every single superstar he has ever faced. Therefore, the Undertaker is one of the best entertainer, the wrestling fraternity has ever witnessed.

However, the 'dead man' has lost his golden touch. His age is 53, and is one of the most aged superstars presently competing in the wrestling industry. Undertaker hardly competes once in a while and does not show up on either RAW or on SmackDown. As a result, he has lost his charm that he used to possess previously.

Perhaps the greatest entertainer of all time in the sports industry
Perhaps the greatest entertainer of all time in the sports industry

The Undertaker used to be undefeated at WrestleMania. He had a streak of 21-0, which was captured by Brock Lesnar and later Roman Reigns did the same. Therefore, his records are tarnishing and the aura he used to carry with him is diminishing. Hence, it would be really meaningful if he decides to call it a day.

He has not won any Championship over quite a few years. Moreover, his body is no more what it used to be. Having gone so many surgeries and replacements, his body parts have worn out. Even though he has the same zeal and passion, but that is not enough to be at the top in the WWE.

Taker has not contributed to any story-lines, feuds or rivalries for a long time. He has failed to generate any plots revolving him. WWE management should realize, that Undertaker is replaceable and instead of keeping him in the loop, WWE should try and make a new Undertaker.

Most of the wrestlers of his generation has retired. He can involve himself in several backstage or in talent development works. Someone with the amount of experience that he possesses, is an asset to anywhere and everywhere. WWE management should use him to make things look 'best for business'.

Undertaker has appeared on TV shows and on movies. Therefore, it would be good, if he decides to take it up as his next or upcoming profession. He is a celebrity and his fans across the globe would love to see him in a new attire and doing something out of the box.

WWE management also failed to book him properly in the recent past. He should have never lost to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. It sent a bad message to all the WWE fans. Also, his match at WrestleMania 34 was pathetic. It was very painful to see the Undertaker and John Cena's match end like the manner in which it did.

WWE should not stretch the Undertaker far too much. Their are rumors and speculations, that he is likely to compete in SummerSlam 2018. WWE management should find a worthy opponent for him and make this match as his last match. It would be meaningful and would be a perfect ending to his legendary career.

It would be good to see if Roman Reigns faces and looses to the Undertaker. It would make the odds even and would bring a sense of content in the minds of the WWE Universe. Thus, we should not be shocked, rather be happy if Undertaker fights his last match at SummerSlam PPV this year.

This article was originally published on @rajjo