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Will Carmelo Anthony Deciding to Remain in Oklahoma Hurt the Thunder?

Carmelo Anthony has decided not to opt out of his contract and will remain on the Oklahoma Thunder for another year whether they like it or not. Oklahoma will have to sort out Anthony’s role or else they will get another horrible season from the former all-star.

Opting out was almost out of the question for Anthony because he is set to make $27.9 million next year. If Anthony did opt out of his contract for some crazy reason, he would have made a lot less than his current contract because nobody is going to pay him anything close to that much.

Many Thunder fans were heartbroken by this news because the Thunder will be stuck with Anthony for another year. His production has decreased and he hurts the Thunder more than he helps them. His lack of defense and poor shot selections make the Thunder an easier team to beat than they usually would be.

As a Knicks fan, I have seen Anthony take difficult shots one after another and that won’t change. He is only getting older and will have to make up for his lack of athleticism by shooting even more jumpshots. And his jump shots tend to be the worst shots possible. His isolation style also hurts the teams he plays for and prevents teams from using him effectively.

Having Melo on the team for next season is almost a guarantee that the Thunder won’t have much playoff success. Teams will go after him and make the Thunder pay for letting Anthony play. There isn’t much Oklahoma can do because Anthony is not going to change his role as a superstar on the a team even though that is no longer a fact of life.

The best thing for Oklahoma to do would be to make Anthony come off the bench. That won’t happen because Anthony is adamant that he won’t come off the bench. This attitude is why Anthony is frustrating. He doesn’t try to help anybody but himself. There’s a reason Anthony hasn’t had a lot of playoff success and it wasn’t the teams blame.

Thunder fans should worry about Anthony’s impact on free agents and more specifically, Paul George. Players will not want to play with a player with selfish tendencies. Will George want to come back and deal with Melo again? He has seen firsthand how poisonous Anthony’s style of play can be and he’s more harmful than helpful to the Thunder.

The good news is that this is Anthony’s final year and he will be out of Oklahoma in one year. However, a year is a long time and the Thunder don’t want to waste Russell Westbrook’s career away. Good luck Oklahoma!

This article was originally published on @ahaqir