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Will Kevin Durant Leave the Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors are enjoying life. They have six NBA All-Stars on their roster and five of them are starting. But that team may fall apart sooner than later. Kevin Durant can be a free agent next summer and he may leave.

It has been two years since Durant joined the Warriors. In those two years, Durant has won two championships and two NBA Finals MVP. Those are amazing accolades and he may and some more by the end of the upcoming season. He has cemented his legacy as a Hall of Famer and a legend in the Warriors history books. That is why he may walk away.

Durant joined the Warriors to win a championship. He couldn't do it with his former team, the Oklahoma Thunder and opted to join a team that was better. The Warriors are better managed and better coached. While many people saw Durant's move as disgraceful because he joined the team that eliminated his team in the playoffs the season before, it was the right move.

What Durant did was choose the best option available for him. Even if it meant joining the team that beat him. Golden State maximized Durant's ability and even made him a better defensive player. In return, Durant had players he could rely on, something he couldn't do in Oklahoma.

People are supposed to look out for their best interest. That will be why Durant may leave. Golden State is going to lose its reign on the NBA because it can't afford to pay all its players. Stephen Curry alone is making $40 million a year. He deserves that money because he was getting underpaid and he was the catalyst for the Warriors championship runs.

There are a bunch of players the Warriors will have to pay. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are going to ask for a lot of money because this is around the time when they will make the most. After this contract, they won't be able to get a max contract again because they will be past their prime and teams won't shell out that type of money.

Thompson is going to be a free agent after the upcoming season. He will offered max contracts by many teams. He can leave the Warriors and take his talents to another team. That will hurt the Warriors because Thompson is a great scorer and the amazing thing is he doesn't hold the ball much.

I think the Warriors will choose Thompson to pursue before Durant in free agency. Thompson has been a Warrior longer and means more to the team. Durant may join the Los Angeles Lakers and try to dethrone his old team and prove that he was the driving force the past three years.

It will be interesting to see where Durant goes. He is a top three NBA player and if he joins the best player in Los Angeles, we may have another contender for the best team ever.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir